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Tournament Guide
Point System
Common Rules
Rules After the Flop
Table Manners

Poker League Structure
Seasons are 12 weeks long, The seventh week of the season we have an All-Star Tournament at Mt. Airy Casino, the 13th week each Pub will have their Pub Championship. The final Sunday of the season we have our Tri-State Championship Tournament at Mt. Airy Casino. Sunday is our online league.

Tournament Graph
Nightly Tournaments: Top 16 Players from each tournament will receive points and rankings. Every player that ranked below 16 will receive 10 points for playing. Each week has a bonus you can earn during the game.

Weeks 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th, & 11th final table ( 8 players) 50 point bonus.

Weeks 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, final table (8 players): 50 bonus points. Knockout bonus. For every player you knockout earn 50 points.

Your Rankings: Pub rankings will be determined by how many points you have accumulated during a 12-week season.

Online League Game: There will be an online tournament every Sunday; scores will be tracked in the online poker club. Players should follow this link and download software:

Once the software is downloaded, create an account. Be sure to verify your account by clicking onthe link that was emailed to you. Once your account is verified:
Tri-State Pub Poker USA Championship: This is our main event that will take place at Mt. Airy Casino at the end of each season. To be eligible for this tournament you have to have played in the league.

All-Star Tournament: This is a tournament held at Mt. Airy Casino the seventh week of each season. To be eligible you have to have played in the league.
Pub Championship: We never turn away a new player. A new player can play in the Pub Championship but they will be given a lesser amount.
Players in the top five at each pub receive extra chips in the Pub Championship.
Each player will start with 10,000 in chips
10 each red chip 100 red chip = 1,000
4 each green chip 500 green chip =2,000
2 each black chip 1,000 black chip =2,000
1 each grey chip 5,000 grey chip =5,000
Total Chip Amount: 17

Blind Times depends on the amount of players you have. Keeping blinds in the suggested time frames allows for games to get done within 2 hours, and if a player busts out early in the game they are more likely to stick around for the 2nd game.
10-20 players 12-14 Minute Blinds
20-30 players 10-12 Minute Blinds
30+ players 10 Minute Blinds
Blind Schedule
Level Small Blind Big Blind Notes
1 100 200
2 200 400
3 300 600
4 500 1,000 Break (5-8 Min).
Chip Up: Red/Green to Black.
5 1,000 2,000
6 2,000 4,000
7 3,000 6,000 Chip Up On The Fly: Black to Grey.
8 5,000 10,000
9 10,000 20,000
10 15,000 30,000

The calculated points are for the top 16 players, multiply your number of players times 20. Each player that places below 16 will receive 10 points. 1st Place will earn earn a 200 pts bonus, 2nd place will earn 110 pts bonus, 3rd place will earn 80 pts bonus, 4th place will earn 40 pts, and 5th place will earn 10 pts.

Weeks 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th, & 11th final table ( 8 players) 50 point bonus.

Weeks 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, final table (8 players): 50 bonus points. Knockout bonus. For every player you knockout earn 50 points.
Player 1 25 x 20 500
Player 2 25 x 19 475
Player 3 25 x 18 450
Player 4 25 x 17 425
Player 5 25 x 16 400
Player 6 25 x 15 375
Player 7 25 x 14 350
Player 8 25 x 13 325
Player 9 25 x 12 300
Player 10 25 x 11 275
Player 11 25 x 10 250
Player 12 25 x 9 225
Player 13 25 x 8 200
Player 14 25 x 7 175
Player 15 25 x 6 150
Player 16 25 x 5 125
Player 17 10 10
Player 18 10 10
Player 19 10 10
Player 20 10 10
Player 21 10 10
Player 22 10 10
Player 23 10 10
Player 24 10 10
Player 25 10 10


While each Casino may have different rules, Pub Poker USA is not a casino and wants to create a fun, family-type atmosphere while playing Texas Hold’em as well as keeping the integrity of the game.

New players may not understand the game, but want to learn. Players should encourage and teach them. We all started as a newbie in something so please be understanding and show support to new players.

Tournament Directors make the final decisions.

This is the most important rule and any violation will not be tolerated. Any establishment or players that are playing for cash or anything of value will be TERMINATED! Any establishment offering bonus chips to patrons for buying food or drinks will be TERMINATED!

Each Pub's players will start with 10,000 in chips. Some locations will offer Bonus Chip Structure. See the suggested Bonus Chip Structure

This is simple, if you are caught cheating, you will be TERMINATED.

Turn over 1 card to each player’s stack until the first Ace is shown. The player that gets the Ace is the dealer.

If a card is flipped up while dealing, everyone gives back their cards and the cards are redealt. Please don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable, we all make mistakes.

If a player busts out, that player may sit at the table. Casinos do not allow players to sit at the tables once they are out of the game. Pub Poker USA wants players to be able to learn the game and a good way to do that is to sit and watch. You may sit at the table after you are out, but once a player is moved to the table and needs your seat you must get up. At no time can a player who is out make any comments about the game being played. Please no children under the age of 16 at the table.

There should always be extra stacks ready in case players are late. Extra stacks should be kept off the table. When a player comes late the Tournament Director will give that player their stack and seat them. Denominations of 600 will be deducted for each blind level a player is late. No extra chips for a player who is late. Example: Player comes in with 9min left in the first blind. The player would then start with 9,400 in chips. Example: Player arrives before the end of the first break, the player would start with 7,000 chips.

At no time can a player or spectator threaten or cause discomfort. There is a zero tolerance policy when it comes to detrimental behavior. We are all playing to have fun and meet new people.

If players at the table can’t make a decision, the Tournament Director will make the final call. Please remember none of us are perfect.

When there is a All-In showdown and there is no more betting, each player in the hand must turn over both cards. When a raise is made by a player and there is a call, the bettor must show both cards. The caller has paid to see what cards you have. Honor that call by showing your cards.

Players have 10 seconds to make the following action during both games: Fold, Check, Bet, or Raise. We want to try and keep the gaming moving at a good pace.

A BET is not binding until the chips are placed next to the edge of the pot. A verbal statement is binding. Announcing an action is the safest way to play Texas Hold’em.

All-In & Raising blind is not allowed. In a casino this is allowed. We are not a casino and we play for free. Since we play for FREE it is very easy to part ways with your chips because they do not equate to any cash value. This type of play ruins the game and the experience.

All raises must be equivalent or greater than the size of the previous bet or raise during that betting round. If a player bets 100, and a player wants to raise the 100 bet. That player would need to at least double it making it 200.

A player puts all of their chips in the pot. If the Blinds are 2,000/4,000 and a player goes All-In for 7,000 and there are 2+ players to act after the All-In bet the next players can call 7,000.

After the final round of betting if NO player has made a bet, the 1st player to the left of the dealer will show both cards 1st then moving around the table clockwise. If a player makes a bet during the final round of betting that player must show their cards 1st before any other player shows their cards.
Never throw your chips into the main pot even if you announce your bet. Always put them on the edge of the main pot. This allows for everyone to see what you have bet if you haven’t announced your bet. Once the betting round is complete all chips are moved to the main pot.

If the blinds are 200/400 and a player only has a 500 chip, place the 500 chip in front and say call. When the betting round is complete, a player may get their change.

MUCKING CARDS (folded card pile)
Once a player is out of a hand they must put their cards in the “muck pile.” If a player chooses to muck their cards at no time can another player look at them. Not showing cards is a beautiful part of the game.

If a community card is exposed at anytime, you place the card back into the deck and shuffle again. After the cards are shuffled continue the hand.

If 1-2 players move to a table, seat them accordingly. If 3 players move to the same table, a dealer is chosen by flipping up the first ace. Please wait till all players are seated before finding a dealer.

If a player is all in and there can’t be anymore betting, the players must turn up their cards. If by chance a player flips up one of there cards on accident while the betting round is on going, that player must flip the other card in their hand. Never show your cards during a round of betting.

There are always 7 cards in play. 2 hole cards and 5 community cards. Only 5 cards determine a winner. Example: The community cards are 2 2 5 5 9 Player A has: A K / Player B has: K J Player A would win the hand BEST 5 Cards 2 2 5 5 A.

In case 2 players win a pot and there is an extra chip, the 1st player in the hand to the left of the dealer would receive the extra chip

If 2 players get knocked out in the same hand, the player with more chips would receive the better ranking of the 2. Example: Player A goes out and has 3,000 in chips/ Player B has 1,500 in chips Player B would be 10, and player A would be 9th. If both players have equal chips the players closest to the dealer would get the better ranking.

If a players busts out in a 3+ way hand, the player closest to the dealer would earn their bounty chip.

The dealer button is always little blind. Dealer button would act 1st pre-flop and then act last after the flop.

If a player is getting a drink, something to eat, in the bathroom or making a phone call that player is still dealt cards. If they are not back when it is their turn to act, their cards are mucked. If they are not sitting when it’s their turn to be a blind, they are dealt cards and their blind is placed in the pot.

Sometimes players will have to leave early. If this happens the Tournament Director will remove the chips from play. For a complete listing of Poker Rules: Poker Rules

Always be RESPECTFUL and encourage the new players! This is how our league will grow. We are all here to have fun!

If you need to use your phone step away from the table. If you need to play Words With Friends, Candy Crush, etc step away from the table. If you need to txt step away from the table. If you need to Facebook, Tweet, or do any other social media step away from the table. Simply NO CELLPHONES at the table.

Your chip stacks should always be visible and in order. No Dirty Stacks (mixed denominations) This allows for players to see how much you have.

Never coach a player’s actions. Once a player sits down to play they must make their own decisions. No one can help them make decisions.

Please don’t complain. We don’t always win, so take the good with the bad.

Don’t use multiple motions to place a bet. Safest course of action is to verbally announce your action. This is the number one biggest “No-No” in Texas Hold’em.

When the hand is complete always flip up both cards at the same time. When you flip up just one card your opponent might think he/she won by seeing just that card and try and take the chips. Then when they see your 2nd card they realize they haven’t won. This can be embarrassing for the losing player. This is the second biggest “No-No” in Texas Hold’em.

At the break it’s time to chip up; players should not share their chips. Rounding up or down is usually a good rule of thumb. 1-2 chips round down, 3-5 chips rounds up.

The little blind should always shuffle the deck that will be used during their dealer turn.

Go outside; most state laws don’t allow smoking in public places.

They are illegal. Say NO to DRUGS!

Each Pub will give out awards to their players: Each season will be a new award.

Player of the week: Picture on website

Cumulative Points Champion from each Pub

Pub Tournament Championship Champion

Pub Poker USA All-Star Tournament: CASH PRIZES & Final table plaque

Tri-State Pub Poker USA Championship Tournament: CASH PRIZES & Final table plaque

Overall Season Awards: (25 games) Overall Cumulative Points Champion, Most Improved Player, Most Wins, Most Games Played, Best Average Ranking per Game, Best Average Points per Game, Bad Beat, River Rat, Suckout, All-In.