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New Player Sign Up
New Player Sign Up
We're always looking for new members to join the fun at our free poker league. Click the above button and you'll be taken to our secure login at where you'll create an account. By registering you verify you are 18 years of age on the date you create an account.


Is there a buy-in to play Pub Poker USA?

Absolutely NOT! This is a free poker league!

How old do you have to be to play in Pub Poker USA?
Pub Poker USA requires its players to be at least 18 years of age. Pubs may require you to be 21 years of age.

Can I receive extra chips or extra points for purchases at the Pub?
Absolutely NOT!

What prizes/awards can I receive for winning at different Pubs?
There are no prizes to be won at the Pubs, only awards. Players will win awards "Link to awards" at the end of each season. Every seven weeks players are eligible to play at Mt. Airy Casino. There players can win cash prizes.

Are there assigned seats for the tournaments?
Each Pub may be a little different on this. Pub Poker USA recommends that players sit where they would like. This is not common in casino play, but the Poker night is to promote business and we want the customers/players to feel comfortable. There are certain situations where a player will have to move depending on how many people there are playing and when people bust out. Each table needs to be equal in players during the tournament. We also recommend after a couple nights of play, sitting at different tables with new people so that everyone can get to know each other.

How many players to each table?
10 Players is the MAXIMUM per table. We ask you to sit only 8 per table so that the game moves a long faster.

What if I will be late, can I still play?
Yes, before the first break. If you will be late, try and inform the Tournament Director so that they can have a stack ready for you.

My bar would like to join Pub Poker USA do we have to wait till a new season begins?
Absolutely NOT! A Pub can join the league at anytime during the season.

I would like to become a player in Pub Poker USA league, can I join the league at anytime?
Players can join the league whenever they would like. They can play at any Pub whenever they have free time to do so.

Do I need to buy anything while I am playing?
No, if you are in the Pub/Restaurant playing you don’t have to buy food or drinks. Yes, you can just drink water.

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