Whiskey Ally Monday

Schedule: Monday 6:30 pm (Deep Stack)

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Chips: 20 K.
Blinds: 10 – 12 minute.
Bonus Chips Start of Tournament: Facebook Players (3000)
  • Pub Poker USA Players card, T-Shirt, or Coin Guard – 1000
  • Check in on Facebook – 1000
  • Friend with Eddie on FB – 1000

Bonus Chips Start of Tournament: Non Facebook Players (3000)

  • Pub Poker USA Players Card, T-Shirt & Coin Guard – 3000

1st Break Bonus: Facebook Players (5000)

  • Upload picture to Facebook (Game, Players or TD) – 1000
  • Survive till the break – 1000
  • Bonus Special (Weekly): 3000

1st Break Bonus: Non-Facebook Players (5000) 

  • Survive till the break – 2000
  • Bonus Special (Weekly) – 3000
***Players have until the end of the 1st break to play.  2.5k chips will be deducted for each blind level.  Late players are only eligible for uploading picture to Facebook and the bonus chip special.
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1) Do I need to know how to play?
- NO, we can teach you.

2) Do I have to make every tournament each week?
- No, play when you can.

3) Can I be late and still play?
- Yes, you have until the end of the 1st break to play.

4) How can I win money?

- All members are invited to play every 6-7 weeks at a Mt. Airy Casino hosted tournament.  Top 5 players WIN cash prizes.


Tournament Directors:  Chris Mattos

We are committed to staying compliant with NY State laws on Free Poker Leagues.

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