Saturday Online League

Schedule: Saturday 8 pm

– Create a BluffAve account (

– You must put your first and last name in the first name slot when creating your account.  Below is an example of how your account should look.  Players can edit existing accounts if needed to correct user names.

– Below are video instruction on how to setup or edit your Bluffave account as well as how to use your mobile or tablet devices to play in the online league.

BluffName BIG

Create or edit Bluffave account.

How to use mobile or tablet devices to play online tournament.

– Once your account is created email ( your BluffAve information (email & name).  You will receive a request to be added to the Pub Poker USA League within 24 hrs of receiving the email.

Link to the Pub Poker USA group:

– Players can use multiple devices to play online.  Android users must download Puffin Web Browser (FREE). Apple users must download Photon ($3.99).

– Online league is open to the public and FREE to join.

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