Ajay’s Bar & Grill Friday & Sunday

Schedule: Friday 6:30 & 8 pm

Sunday 3 pm

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Bonus Chip Program: In order to be eligible for bonus chips players must be seated 5 minutes before cards are in the air.

Game 1:  Facebook Account Players (Total 2000)

  1. Check-In on Facebook: 1000
  2. Pub Poker USA Players Card or T-Shirt: 1000

Game 1: Non Facebook Players (Total 2000)

  1. Pub Poker USA Players Card or T-Shirt: 1000
  2. Pub Poker USA Coin Guard: 1000


Game 2: Facebook Account Players (Total 6000)

  1.  Picture of Game 1 WINNER Upload to Facebook: 1000
  2.  Pub Poker USA Coin Guard: 1000
  3.  Friends with Eddie on Facebook: 1000
  4.  Tournament Director Special Weekly: 3000

Game 2: Non Facebook Players (Total 6000)

  1. Pub Poker USA Players Card or T-Shirt: 1000
  2. Pub Poker USA Coin Guard: 2000
  3. Tournament Director Special Weekly: 3000


Special Bonus Chips:

  1. Bring a Friend (NEW Player) – 5000
  2. Reigning (Venue) Cumulative Points Champion: 1000 (Each Game)
  3. Reigning (Venue) Pub Championship Winner: 1000 (Each Game)

Bonus Chip Program Rules:

** Players who are late or not seated 5 minutes before start time are not eligible for bonus chips.

** Late players will be deducted 600 chips per blind level.
Example:  Player enters with 9 minutes remaining during level 1 (100-200) they will start with 9400.  Player enters 3 minutes into blind level 2 (200-400) they will start with 8800.  Once the 1st break is over for either game no players can enter.

Tournament Directors:  Vance John
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